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    Thumbs up Another good book to read.

    Since the topic of books and such are popping up recently. I thought I would let you all know about another good book I just picked up.

    Incident Response: Investigating Computer Crime
    By: Kevin Mandia and Chris Prosise
    ISBN 0-07-213182-9
    Osborne/McGraw-Hill Publishing
    Web site: http://www.incidentresponsebook.com

    It is an excellent book on networking security. As well the web site is not that bad either.
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    Kevin Mandia.....Hmm alias of Kevin Mitnick? LOL just joking however for a lot of newbies and people that are just getting into the technical aspects of computers (such as me, could always do just didn't know why it worked!) "A Complete H@ckers Handbook" by Dr. K breaks down alot of things that are super technical such as...

    2. PGP
    3.OSI model
    4. Packet Spoofing
    5. CGI scripting and how it runs
    6. SAM authentication
    7. Phreaking and PBX's
    8. Viri authoring and Cracking

    I have to say for myself it is always good to see a legal disclaimer in the front of a book, it also has 1 1/2 pages of hacking websites and examples. I picked it up thinking that it would be a whitehat watch-for guide however it turned out to be good reading. If anyone else has read this book please let me know what you think of it.
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