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Thread: Everyone here should be happy!

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    Everyone here should be happy!

    I found this site. You could read there how would the earth look like if it were a village of 100 people. After you read it - if you'd do it - you will se that there is really no reason to be sad, because everyone here are just the luckiest ones on this planet so be happy and try to help the less lucky ones...


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    Spiffy... I didn't know that 11 percent of the worlds population was homosexual... not that I have anything against homosexuals...
    Astonishing isn't it, that only one person would have a computer, but it wouldn't make much sense to only have one computer... it wouldn't do any good.
    Welcome to Hell , where we have served more than all of the fast food chains put together! And the number grows everyday! Stay tuned!

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    Well, I guess I am part of the 1% that has a college education.

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