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    Article: Linux in Hollywood

    Although Linux has yet to achieve wide popularity in the computer game world, it is making rapid progress toward becoming the dominant operating system in the other major entertainment arena: motion pictures. Name a motion picture from the past year or two that featured stunning animation or dazzling special effects, and chances are the film’s producers used Linux-based computers to splash those graphics on the big screen. Read the article here.
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    That is totally awesome...

    I didn't know that titanics water was computer generated using Linux....(Redhat)
    Or that Lord of the Rings was done with a SSG x2 Linux.....
    And that they generated a terabyte a day of animation.... ouch!

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    here is a cool graphics company in australia that i once had an interview for, which uses Window$ NT and SGI Unix for their rendering farms: www.gmd.com.au. check out some of the stuff they've done, pretty impressive.
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    And who can forget AntiTrust. I know of people who, although regular computer users, weren't even aware that there's an "open source revolution" going on out there.......

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    JURASSIC PARK is the best example i think.They used some 100 comp's running linux.

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