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    The contract became a political hot potato when it was reported that under the deal, which was not put out for competitive bidding, the state was buying more Oracle licenses than it had employees to use them. Critics accused the state of buying far more in Oracle resources than was needed. Since then three state officials have resigned or been suspended, state legislators have started hearings into the matter, and there are allegations of suspiciously timed campaign donations and calls for a federal investigation.
    Here's the article about yet another political scandal
    involving computer software.
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    35.5 million!!!!

    ****, that's a lot of douh!!!

    Evil Congress.... Evil....

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    Bah!, Politics.. What else is new. I think if society knew everything that goes on behind closed doors, society would go to anarchy.

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    Yes I think if people knew about what is really happening where I am at (Afghanistan) to our own troops I think things would shock people
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