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Thread: 'scuse me while I vomit...

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    Angry 'scuse me while I vomit...

    Does this make anyone else want to regurgitate?


    From Wired News
    Sites loaded with images of naked preteen kids in provocative poses proliferate legally (emphasis added) while authorities go after the real hard-core stuff. "It's very frustrating for us," an activist says.
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    Man, this is NOT good, in fact this is OUTRAGEOUS BULLSHIT . This crap is one of the reasons there's so much damn cyberstalking today. What's even WORSE is that the MOTHER****ERS ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. There are seveal related articls at the end of the article that you posted. I suggest you check them out (warning: strong stomach required). How are we EVER going to get control of this Internet monster ???

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    Sick.. Just sick..
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    It's times like this when I wonder what did become of EHAP.
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    This problem has existed since man crawled out of the primordial soup, don't get me wrong I'm sickened by it like the rest of you.

    This is a deep rooted problem in the psyche of Man.(that includes women, in case you were wondering.) It's too much to tolerate this early in the morning.

    There shouldn't be mercy for the man-boy-love-crap. Hang 'em high.(pun intended)
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    Agreed, <bump>

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    Little Boyz, in accordance with the Constitution, believes that the right to view and appreciate nude images of minors in an artistic and aesthetic manner is guaranteed
    ummmmm yeah sheesh I 4got that when the American Constitution was written they included that bit to protect the rights of sick peadophile perverts!!!! Some people will twist anything to suit them......so these sites are fine according to American law? Well there must be some country where they're not - deport the b4stards!!! Hopefully the other country won't have any laws governing 'cruel and unusual punishment' as well......


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    That is sick....btw...HOW did you come accross this?, seartching for something perhapps... ?...j/k lol
    this is really sick.....Uhg...I'm leaving , it's too mutch for me... :P <Bump>
    - Noia
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    This is disgusting. Stuff like this has never been art in my eyes, only a really bad attempt at art.
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    I feel scared and sick reading that it makes me
    I have a 6 year old boy. The thought of anyone even thinking of my child in that way makes me realize how easy it would be to rip someones head off with my bare hands.
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