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Thread: If Religion discovered LSD....

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    Talking If Religion discovered LSD....

    Ok after reading the abortions.com post and how some people had mentioned religous radicals I did a wee search to see just how out-there religion could get.....and believe me it goes very out-there!!!!

    WARNING for those with pacemakers: Telepathic BrainEater tulpic hallucination virus IN USE. This simple program slightly overwrites the wetware of your synapses. May cause discomfort in some first-time users. To prevent possible corruption, Dobbs recommends hermetic grep meditation excercises and 'priming' by multiple rereadings of THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS during excremeditation
    Ummmmm.......errrr......ok - I still ain't figured out what this disclaimer on the entrance to the Church of the SubGenuis means!

    ohhh but it gets better!!

    "As 1998 recedes, there will be a huge surge in the popularity of the Church of the SubGenius because it will actually be EASIER to understand than reality."
    -- Rev. John Searcy
    ah huh sure it is!!

    ok moving away from the COS (very quickly) we come across Jeez for Joozis....

    Our Mission is to place the Claims of Joozis The Meshuga of Milpitas in front of the Jews for Jesus
    hmmmmm finally someone who's english is worse than GbinaryR's

    but now it just gets ridiculous ->
    The Ishkibibble is the Hoogly Word of the Great God Mota brought down to us by E-mail and FAXes from Poopy Panda, The Lord Roscoe, The Little Lord Joozis, and Their Hoogly Prophets.
    next site that pops up is the game of love seems to be pro-christian but with a slightly satarical twist

    This BLASHPOEMOUS site TEMPTS INNOCENT WOMEN INTO GAYMING! Women are weaker than men, and MUST not be tempted, because they EASILY succumb into PERVERSION!!!! This is also LESBIAN site! We NORMAL PEOPLE must FIGHT LESBIANISM and HOMOSEXUALISMITY!!!! NOTE: lesbianism is BLESSED if practiced for the pleasure of the man by his wifes in holy matrimony. In any other form it is DEADLY SIN!
    but at least on the letters page I found someon with the same view as myself
    I read your webpage.

    I have two questions:

    What drugs are you taking, and why the hell aren't you sharing?

    *shakes head at the nonsense she read*
    some people however were not quite as amused
    How stupid can you get? Satanists offer no harm to society, only to the church
    does it do any harm. But is serves the ****ing church right! The church has
    killed more people than it has "saved". Your note stinks of Jesus Christ's
    hmmmm a very nice person ^^ (not)

    right well i think thats enough blasphemy for now!! and yes I do realise that all the above pages are jokes!!! I shall leave you with my personnal fav......... Ooooh sooo Evil oO

    /me is still laughing at backwards music

    for more weird religions check SwankyVY's Religion Page

    And please don't take offence at this post


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    People take their Bibles/Korans/Toras waaaaaaaaaay out of context alot.

    An example of the Extreme Christian.


    Is this not a contradiction to the Bibles very foundation that God is love. That God Loves everyone no-matter what?

    Of course then we have these guys we all know and love.

    These are kinda frightening websites.

    Had to add this desturbing point of veiw.

    You’ll fight Jews till the stones and the trees say: O Muslim this is a Jew behind me, come to kill him.”

    BTW that quote is from the Qu-Ran. That is why this war is going on. All these peace talks are meaningless, when the problem is that their religion tells them to kill.
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

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    Thumbs up

    On the other hand...

    Timothy Leary
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