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Thread: Stiffer cybercrime penalties will now be implemented.

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    Cool News: Stiffer cybercrime penalties will now be implemented.

    House panel OKs stiffer cybercrime penalties
    Opponents say bill will further erode online privacy

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Computer criminals would face increased penalties, and Internet users would face greater surveillance by access providers, under a bill approved on Wednesday by a House of Representatives panel. more...

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    Re: News: Stiffer cybercrime penalties will now be implemented.

    Originally posted here by s0nIc
    Internet users would face greater surveillance by access providers
    This sucks, You gain something but you also lose a great deal of privacy..... Now, If they would monitor only the people whose online activities look suspicious, Then that would be good for all of us

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    I agree with this new bill because of the times we are currently in.
    Spurred by worries about electronic terrorism...
    The government needs to watch its back. This is concurrent with the increased airport security, x-rays at the post office, Smallpox vaccine production, etc. IT was only a matter of time until they did something about the internet.
    Once the threats have died down, and the "War on Terrorism" is over, then I think they should make the bill more restrictive, i.e. less all-encompassing.
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    Good point 11001001, but I think we need to becareful of jumping to far to the extreme of security...

    Living in Washington I have to say we see things thru strange colored lenses, and what makes sense here may not make sense in the real world....
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    I agree in part with 11001001 and with ac1dsp3ctrum. The times we are in, some people do need to be monitored. Even some of the non-suspicious ones. But the way the gov't is handling it is not a smart way becuz someone, in turn, may try to hack them and make them look stupid. In general, this completely sux, but it may be for the better. Only time will tell.
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    I have to agree with Most666 (sorry man your name is way long) start pissing with people and they will piss back....
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    Originally posted here by cybermagellan
    start pissing with people and they will piss back....

    A good point. If you start oppressing people's freedoms you'll soon find 747's flying into buildings and people like cybermagellan going off to far away places "waiting to be killed." When is the US Government going to get the point? Instead of creating a heap of new laws that are only going to effect it's own citizens how about re thinking some of it's foriegn polocies? Maybe then it wouldn't be a target for every terrorist in the world.....Just my humble opinion..

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