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Thread: Picture passwords may save a thousand words

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    Cool News: Picture passwords may save a thousand words

    (CNN) -- Struggling to remember different passwords each day? While these secret keys are crucial for concealing everything from financial transactions to personal information, people can sometimes be careless with them. more...

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    This is a tough subject. I think it depends on how many pictures there are, i spose.

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    Yeah, This will be a good idea... For about a week.... The the people will reccomend 8 picture+ passwords, and Linux wont accept passwords under 4 pictures.... Windows pictures will be insecure and buggy, etc. I think this would be a good diea for ATMs but not computer (home or office) I for one cant remember pictures for ****, how would someone expect me to remember that my password is fluffy bunny, dog, dog, cat, wolf, bear, and lion?

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    Didn't they talk about this a couple of months ago also? Why not just use biometrics?
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    Originally posted here by ac1dsp3ctrum
    how would someone expect me to remember that my password is fluffy bunny, dog, dog, cat, wolf, bear, and lion?
    Yeah maybe, but i'd remember my password of "beer bottle, beer bottle, beer bottle, beer bottle".

    AND I could reset users passwords to "my butt, my butt, my butt, my butt"

    Having said that i find it easier to remember my Lotus notes password. (for those of you that don't know it has little pictograms that change as you type in your password) so maybe in my case images would be more effective.

    But I won't know till we implement something like that, and I suspect biometrics will kill this idea pretty quickly.


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    More information about pictures as password.

    We also had a discussion some months ago but I could not find the threads.. For those interested may search AO for more information .

    Turning pictures into passwords
    If your password is as simple as the word, password, then logging on via a picture might be the answer. [more]

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