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Thread: Windows NT SAM file

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    Windows NT SAM file

    Hi Guys,

    The admin. at my school left one of the "full" SAM files in his folder that he forgot to deny student users to access . I copied the file and need a program to "decrypt" the file.

    Ive ne one has ne suggestions, it would be good


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    Suggestion #1) Tell your admin what you found and pray to god you get to keep your account. If you do something stupid with what you find there, you're going to be in more trouble than it's worth.

    Suggestion #2) Search the damn boards. This topic has been discussed a thousand times.

    Suggesion #3) Laugh yourself silly. Chances are you downloaded the local machine SAM file, which "shouldn't" give you anything but local admin priv's. Hopefully he's smart enough to keep local passwords different from network passwords.

    Suggestion #4) If you actually got the big SAM file, do #1 before you do anything stupid. If they even THINK you've seen a couple hundred network passwords all hell will break loose and you're gonna get suspended or something. It REALLY aint worth it.

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    lol i even remember a kidd who got suspended for hacking.. and all he did was just change the wall paper.. lmao.. imagine how worse your case could be..

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