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  • Perhaps a good idea - needs work though.

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  • That\'s serious grey area, Fred.

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  • Bah - try something else... like email.

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  • No way! That\'s an invasion of privacy!

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  • Notify? What for? Why would you want to do that?

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  • I don\'t know.

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    more MS Bashing retards .. "oh lets bash MS, we will be elite .. man we r teh leetest caz we bash MS! want to join my anti-MS clan? we will have kewl tags like [Elite]Name{MS}^BasherS^ then everyone will go out and buy tshirts of us. we will be so cool! ". if u dont like it dont use it, as simple as that. dont go around trying to act all elite by bagging it kthxbye

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    Originally posted here by redgore
    I have to agree with ac1d and foc. I use both linux and windows on a dual boot machine. That way i get best of both worlds Pwaring: The UK government cant really use open source because of habits that mean they need the use of a "popular" OS
    I use both Linux and Windows too, unfortunately I don't have net access on my box so I have to use what's available to me elsewhere (luckily I have 2 x E1, ADSL, and 2 x 56kb available to me! ).

    The UK government is currently considering using Open Source Software, in fact they've produced a document outlining the pros and cons of such an iniative. Chances are that they'll stick with MS because they want to suck up to big business, and also because everyone knows how to use it. Can't see why they don't use Linux servers to power the government web sites though, because that doesn't really require a GUI.
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    I fall in the same category of redgore. dual boot : linux & windows.

    Although, i am new to redhat linux, i still find it interesting. I am sure with passage of time, microsoft will have to improve as there was no major good competition earlier. This was the thing which made it sell software which was not to the mark.

    Hope that the consumer gets the best

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    Originally posted here by redgore
    I use both linux and windows on a dual boot machine. That way i get best of both worlds
    That goes for me too...Mandrake 8.2/Windoze 98se

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    Windows got my vote....I have more experience and I'm just learning Linux, maybe my vote will change with time.

    And as for bashing MS....do it all the time, guilty as charged....

    I also use AO*coughs*HELL....

    I rock.... *LMAO*

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    I have a Winblows box and a RH 7.2 box :P The only reason I have a Winblows box is to play the latest and greatest video games
    When/if Linux gets better support for the new video games and vid cards, then I'll get rid of my Winblows box
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