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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    I just thought of something that happened about a month ago that I thought maybe someone here may know about. I was searching on Google for a program that allows you to see people on ICQ even when they've blocked you... (don't ask... *LOL*) and of course, the majority of what came up were hacking and and warez sites.

    One of the sites that I went to freaked the hell out of me. It was some German site, and on its front page you could actually see into a bunch of files. They were clickable and expandable. I stayed there for a moment, because it was truly amazing design, and the idea of what was happening dawned on me. At first, I thought it was just a generic My Documents set up to simulate XP, but as I kept on clicking, I was actually looking into MY files in MY Documents.

    My first question would be, how the heck is that possible to see from a webpage like that...
    I've never known of a script that you could use to do that....
    It would probably scare most visitors away, like myself, once they realized what it was....

    I wish I had saved the link, I'm going to go look for it again, but if anyone has any information to what happened, I would be interested to know out of sheer curiosity....It was a very strange event....

    What happened?

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    <iframe src='C:/'>


    <a href="file:///C:/'>

    or (in AO style)

    Windows Folder

    Quite simple really

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    /me pouts.

    You got up to early today ac1dsp3ctrum.....
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    bah beat to it by ac1d
    /me pouts with souleman & plots as to how i can make ac1d sit on his hands form now on


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    the reason that can be done is: the html file your viewing is on your computer and is nothing to worry aqbout. its not that your seeing your files on their computer. when you click on a link you doneload the html file onto your computer and your browser renders it inro the page you see.

    what im trying to say is their goofing on you, nobody see those files but you because its all happening on your machine. just like typing c:\ into the address bar
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    Answer is simple AOL sort of bought ICQ about the same time as Netscape..need I say more? Have not used ICQ in about humm since AOL got em with $...yes ok ok I have a digit still ligit on ICQ has hummm on checking 5 digi****..geez I'm old as dirt..LOL
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