Hello there again, i'm joey.. more popularly known as, fr0z3n.

Today, i bring you .. the pr0ject.

it can be found at: /~pr0ject...

..if you would like information.. please, do contact me.. by email or aim!!

if you have any ideas, or [shadow]anything[/shadow] please, do!! respond.

do you like it, or don't you like it? stupid idea, good idea? can i join? what is the pr0ject? is there really a project? wtf is this all about?

i'm here to listen, and acknowledge your opinions.. not only to make my page, look better.. but to make it more to the "public"'s liking

thank you.. Joey [aka] fr0z3n
founder & webmaster of geeksarecool.com
founder & webmaster of the pr0ject