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    Thumbs up Five Finger Fillet

    Had to share this lil' online game with you, you need shockwave to run it. So far it has saved me all the fingers on both hands. Cause if I actually tried to do this there would blood everywhere.

    Have fun. Have a good weekend, all.
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    You are truly a twisted individual - I like that in a guy...

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    I only got 2 stabs in before i'd cut off all the fingers......

    maybe next time I won't use the chainsaw...

    LMAO, funny stuff

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    KILLER. Brought some happyness into my boring life. I think I'll go kick the dog..... Just joking

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    Yes, that was too awesome for words....MUAHAHAHAHA

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    HeHeHe... very cool... very twisted... kinda simpler than trying to play UT tonight (bad weekend).

    First try:
    Level 5
    Score: 1100
    Stabs: 39
    Rating: "You are among the best"

    I can grow to like this game... *grin*

    Couple of tries:
    Level: 9
    Score: 3115
    Stabs: 61 I said.
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