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Thread: Computers in School

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    Computers in School

    This topic seems to come up, fairly often these days. So I figured I would let you all know of a book that I found, that goes over this very subject.

    The Author is Clifford Stoll; the title is High-tech Heretic . Yes the very same one who brought you theCuckoo's Egg. I have read the first few paragraphs, and has really changed my view on computers in schools. I recommend that anyone, who is interested in this topic, to check it out.
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    I read this book just a while back, most of it at least, and strongly disagreed with most of the guy's points. However, it is well-written, and he makes good points, so this is a recommended read from me as well. Always best to have all sides of a subject before determining how ya feel, right?

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    I think we should take computers out of schools 'cause they shatter too easily when the bullets hit them
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