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Thread: I'm not making this stuff up.

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    I'm not making this stuff up.

    in November 1953, Gottlieb dropped a hit of LSD into Olson's Cointreau. Nine days later in New York, Olson went out the window of a 10th floor hotel room, hit the sidewalk and died soon after. The CIA's position was that he had either "fallen or jumped."
    Here's the article

    Just what is going on at the CIA?
    Is there anyone capable of investigating them?
    Is government secrecy acceptable in a democracy?

    I have heard that only a select few members
    of congress have "security clearance" to be briefed
    on CIA activity.

    If even congress doesn't know what the CIA is doing,
    doesn't that make the CIA into the unelected
    government, playing congress for fools?
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    Hah, These agencies think they are untouchable.... FBI, NSA, CIA, they all think they are somehow perfect and above the law..... They were proved wrong when they found out one of their top men was found to be a spy for Moscow..... I just hope congress and the public gets breifed on CIA activity

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