Hotline 1.8.1 password crack
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Thread: Hotline 1.8.1 password crack

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    Question Hotline 1.8.1 password crack

    [glowpurple]I'm looking for a hotline 1.8.1 password cracker[/glowpurple]
    [gloworange]Anyone have an idea as to where i can get one.[/gloworange]

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    Didyatry ?

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    Brute force stuff... Get a good dictionnary and be patient OR go buy a supercomputer
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    That's just wrong. . .sick and wrong. . .

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    bah If you give a knife to someone, do you force him to kill people?

    What if the guy lost his own password like I often do?
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    Talking Thanx For the Info

    [pong][glowpurple]Thank You Scorp 666 [/glowpurple] [/pong]
    [gloworange][glowpurple]Yes its true i do loose my Login and password, but also I'm really getting tired of haveing to click banner after banner to try to get a password and login and then when i get it it doesn't work. So now i have emails of mostly porn takeing over 4 of my email accounts and still can't get access to any hotline servers.[/glowpurple] [/gloworange]

    Thanx again to those of you who actually help!!!

    [pong][shadow][glowpurple] Lord Kruelty [/glowpurple] [/shadow] [/pong]

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    Set your firewall to block their ip's, buy the commercial version of AdAware and hook it into your browser......... Or, more simply, just cruise in different waters.

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    How do u hack hotmail, I think my g/f is cheating on me. Also how do u make a virus? Oh yeah I'm a 3117 sub7 cracker so if u need any help on sub7 crackin let me know.
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    I know how to hack hotmail but I won't tell you

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    *lol* @ FreeOn.... Funny stuff


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