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Thread: I would just like to say...

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    I would just like to say...

    Thank you to everyone so far, I'm learning so much in such a short time, and I think that you've really got a great group of people here. I thought I was quite knowledgeable about security until I came here. Boy, was I wrong... *LOL*

    I've already printed a ream of tutorials out....Thought I was going to go insane with all the reading, but between learning I've come across some great humorous posts that just made me laugh and some of the chats on IRC have been funny as hell...

    I'm addicted to AO.....

    Thanks again!

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    Well thank you for thanking us..... Im so happy to see that your learning something from us dumb asses. *lol* No really tho it's really nice to see someone say thanks every now and then. We do put a ton of time into helping people out, and thats what makes AntiOnline.com such a wonderful site. Good people, good fun, and good learning for all.....

    Oh yeah welcome to the im addicted to AO club...


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    I agree with System_Overload, welcome to the AO Addict Organisation! (AOAO)

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    Someone just gave me an antipoint... *lol* this is what it said

    you're the biggest dumb **** this place has ever gottwn, how the **** did you get so many points after going down in the red? ****ing kiddy
    Here are some reasons for this jackass...

    I give good advise.
    I bring some good humor to the site.
    Im well liked by most of the members around here.
    And the best reason is b/c I don't take crap from little kids like you.

    So have a good day scripter kiddie, and good luck trying to bring me back down into the red....


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    hehehe Can I go down too?

    My bank account is in the red so I figure it would be appropriate for me to be in the red too!
    [shadow]Scorp666, the Infamous Orgasmatron[/shadow]

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