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Thread: What do you think

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    Question What do you think

    I got 2 red antipoints today, and I don't know why....

    The first one I got said...
    You are a trojan using scripter kiddie!!! Get a life your not liked here at AO and im going to do my best to make you red again.... Like I did the first time lamer
    Really how lame can you get? It's people like this that piss me off...

    Now check this out I just got this one about 10 mins. ago...

    For my relpy to GreekGoddess I got this...
    you're the biggest dumb **** this place has ever gottwn, how the **** did you get so many points after going down in the red? ****ing kiddy
    Is this what you all really think about me? I just find it odd that I get two red anipoints like this in a day, and getting them for no reason at all......


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    Honestly, it looks like someone's jealous....

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    I personally can't see any reason to give you negative points. Your posts that I've seen seem to be accurate from a technical point of view, and funny from a personal point of view. Sorry you're having problems with your unknown assailant.

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    You know what GreekGoddess I think you have a good point there. This guy must be jealous of me. *lol* I don't see why someone would be jealous of me tho..... Maybe it's b/c im dead sexy, and I have a hot ass freak GF.... hehehe


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    i too sometimes get - antipoints for no reason. somtimes if people dont agree with what you say, just put any bullshit. if they have something they disagree with they should put what the hell is it that i am doing wrong. dont just go out there assigning antipoints without anyreason. there is a comment field. it is there for a reason. tell what you like/dislike about the peron's post but dont write **** like "you are a skiddie. go the hell away from here."

    i also hate it when people dont put their member names when doing this for either + or - antipoints.

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    Being an unknown assailant is the problem str34m3r. I think a name should be auto attached to all antipoints. Im sure without a doubt that that would put an end to pointless antipoints...

    Every good antipoint I get people are darn sure to attach there name, but god forbid if they attach there name to a bad antipoint.... Now don't take that in a bad way some of the antipoints I got in the past were for good reasons, and I have no problem with that. Thinking back I even think those people even attached there name to the bad antipoint. The reason why they attached there name was b/c they had a reason to.....


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    I don't care about antipoints, give me 10000 if you please
    [shadow]Scorp666, the Infamous Orgasmatron[/shadow]

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    well unfortunatly thats the way it goes I got negs for agreeing with someone. If I give points be they + or neg I leave my name that way the person can pm me if they want more info on why but most will only leave their names like System_Overload says on the +s.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    Don't cry. Your mommy will wipe your tears. Ge a life. Thats why you get red dots. You are a smartass and you bitch all the time. PS. Don't forget to post this one if you have the balls to do so.
    Yeah I have big Fu*ken Brass balls.... Now lets see if you have ballz..... Step up and be a man tell me who you are....


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    lmao.. hmm hey greekgoddes.. is that avatar of yours came from Final Fantacy?

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