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    Anti auto theft mechanism spyware?

    Been thinking about these devices that are in your car/truck etc and track it so if someone steals it can find it fast. However, is it not real obvious that if you buy and install this product that you are defacto paying for a huge intrusion on yourself. Anti theft sure, but spying on your every move - obviously.


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    Definitely not something I intend to install on my vehicles anytime soon. Have you seen the devices they sell now as protection for kids? It looks like a watch. You put it on the kid and it has some sort of GPS transmitter or some other gobbledygook. I didn't get technical specs on it. But anyway, it's virtually indestructable (it has to be if it's going to survive a kid wearing it) and extremely hard to remove without the key. So you lock this thing onto your child, he/she can't get it off (and neither can a potential kidnapper) and you can always know where your kid is. Sounds nice on the surface, but sounds scary if you think about it being used in other arenas.

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