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Thread: Cool avatars.

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    Cool avatars.

    Hi guys. Don't flame.
    After i received some greenies about my avatar i decided to show you some examples of Paint Shop 7 Pro's effects do on your avatar. In the images i have written "YOUR TEXT" in some images, the text can be a single image also.

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    PSP7's effects are okay, but if you want to make some of the best images in your llife, turn to Ulead PhotoImpact 7. This is the best prog i have usued so far, it is way better than Adobe Photoshop or PSP.

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    I haven't tried. Has it many effects?

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    I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 all the way. If you want an effect that isn't installed? Just download the plugin and you'll have it. No, photoshop is the best program around.

    Well, actually, for the best effects, I use Photoshop 7.0 in combination with Quark Express and Paint Shop Pro. Hehehehe, Kazaa's fun.

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    Thumbs up

    Your avatars are really cool.... You should make me one...
    real good work................


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    No,no,no,no,no...no,no,no,no,no...no,no,no...NO,NO,No...NO. PSP7 si the best progra, around THERE.

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    "You", you mean who?

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    .....You= ii-monk......
    Your work kicks ass make me a cool avater.... I need one *lol*


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    Yeah PSP7 rocks

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