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Thread: Woman Sues After Alleged 'McBeating'

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    Woman Sues After Alleged 'McBeating'

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A West Palm Beach woman Tuesday filed a lawsuit against McDonald's after she allegedly was beaten by two of the restaurant's employees.

    Carmen Beauchamp told police that the incident began when a disagreement at the drive-through prompted an altercation in the parking lot in January.

    "So she comes back with a handful of ketchup and she just threw it at us -- threw it at the car," Beauchamp said, describing a female teenage employee.

    According to the report, Beauchamp entered the store to complain about the behavior and was attacked by the employee and another girl.

    "Instead, she got a McBeating, a McBashing," Beauchamp's attorney, Elliot Shaw, said.

    Said Beauchamp, "The next thing I knew, she grabbed me by the hair and just dragged me into the kitchen. She was all over me and she wouldn't let go of me at all. I was kicked all over. I had bruises all over my arms, my chest, my legs."

    Police were notified of the incident and the restaurant's manager immediately fired the two employees.

    But Beauchamp did not file a report on the incident with police, according to Shaw. A report wasn't filed with police until an hour after the incident, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and police did not say who eventually filed the report.

    Beauchamp said she spent weeks healing from the altercation and has had several surgeries to replace patches of hair ripped from her head.

    "I never stop thinking about it," she said. "I'm nervous all the time. I get anxiety attacks."

    Beauchamp said she is still angry because she never received an apology from the restaurant.

    "There is no excuse," she said. "This is incredible. If it wasn't for the seriousness of the damage, it would be humorous -- that you could drive up to a McDonald's where they say you're safe and secure and then they beat you up?"

    Mark Watson of Melton Management, which owns the restaurant, did not comment on the allegations.

    "We have not seen the lawsuit and therefore cannot comment," Watson said in a written statement. "It is an ongoing matter and we caution anyone from jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in."

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    ROFL! OMG..... that is crazy... a mcbeating, haha!

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    LOL, next is a McAssBeating followed by a McAssWhoopin,with a Side order of a McYoujustgotknockedthe****out.
    Beware the quiet ones...

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    The McDonalds employees where I live are all really fat. So they just have to squirt some secret sauce in your eyes and then sit on you.
    Plus, does anyone here not live within a 50 miles radius of a McDonalds restaurant?

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    It was bound to happen... first it was the lady who sued because of hot coffee burning her lap (Now they have the word "hot" on all the hot coffee cups and lids for all people who do not know the hot coffee is really hot), now it's the McBeating. What's next?

    Hahaha.... keep em coming

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    Your just full of funny news today..... *lol* McBeating now thats funny.......


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    The McDonalds employees where I live are all really fat. So they just have to squirt some secret sauce in your eyes and then sit on you.
    I think McDonalds makes an effort to hire the unglyest lazy people they can find.

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    come on System_0verload... admit it..
    that was your gurlfriend that beat the sh!t out of that lady.. right ?

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    Do you want fries with that?

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    Hell...I worked at McDonald's when I was 17-18. I can understand.
    Tell you what...working a 3 hour shift felt like forever...flipping multiple hundreds of frozen 'beef' disks can make you a bit crazy, trust me. Coming home with arms and face full of sweat and grease makes one a bit nuts.

    Oh, you want your double cheeseburger with no cheese? A Big Mac with no sauce? A chicken fillet with no chicken? Go to a grocery store and put forth the energy to make it yourself, you lazy ****, and stop bothering me...I have plenty of after-hours drunks to deal with. Cheese on your chicken, fine...sauce on your single, fine. Whaddaya mean, the 'real' onions (as opposed to the dehydes(the McD workers know what I'm speaking of). How about I fry your head?
    No wonder I quit that job...but yet I feel nothing but sorrow for those who worked there when I did (years ago), and are still working there when I pull up and order. But I'll tell ya one thing, if I don't add extra cheese to an order, I don't change the configuration of the order. Because I have been there, and I hated it...
    Order your fast-food off the menu, don't bitch about the 'nuritional value'. Otherwise, get your lazy ass off of the couch and make your own you unappreciative fool. They work covered in sweat and grease...do you?

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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