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Thread: Behind the scenes....

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    Behind the scenes....

    ....at Jeeves.
    heh was just checking the what people are looking for page on Jeeves here and some people look for the bumbest things...
    these are actual questions!!!!
    • where can I find the search engine google?
    • Where can i find fashion web-site style.com?
    • Where can I find pro-sex advice for losing my virginity?
    • Where can I download MP3s from Audiogalaxy?
    • How much should I sell my house for?
    • What is ask Jeeves? (appeared ALOT)

    heh some people search for the weirdest things!


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    You can do the same thing at www.metaspy.com - to spy on MetaCrawl searches
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    I watched this for about 5min and about 60% of the searches must of been done by complete retards.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    cwk: Even adjusting for the fact that retards have to make more searches than non-retards, the statistics are still scary.
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    heh your right terr %'s is scarry
    btw: appologies meant to post this in general chit chat >_<;
    but u know how easy it is to get confussed as to what forum u are posting to when u have 4/5 windows open at AO


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    My views

    "sheila kelley" + "nude"
    Where can I learn about the human rectum and anus?
    "Where can I find information about bestiality and how-to with canines (for men)?"
    "Where can I find gay chatrooms online?"
    "Where can I find information on and winning numbers for the Georgia state lottery?"

    Damn...jeeves must be psychic now...

    "What is safer sex?"
    "Where can I chat online with teens?"
    :Where can I learn about or see the world's largest dinosaurs?:

    Uhm.....sorry kid, the dinosaurs came down with a slight case of dead

    Where can I find the popular job search site HeadHunter.net?"

    Uhm...duh? Quick....what's the number for 911?

    "Where can I learn about the sexual practice foreplay?"
    "What are some different sexual positions we can try?"
    Where can I find extensive historical, economic, and political information about the country Peru?"

    No..Jeeves doesn't do your homework for you......

    "How do I prepare a disaster plan in case of a disaster?"
    "Where can I find out everything I ever wanted to know about marijuana?"
    "Where can I see photographs of wind?"

    Since when can air be photographed?

    It's bad...I've been watching this thing long enough to see patterns. I need to go to bed now.


    Read them.

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    Ask Jeeves

    Besides all that,

    Ask Jeeves is a scheming, dirty search engine. After some background research, I discovered that companies PAY for their sites to appear first when certain words are entered.


    I mean come on, people are paying for keywords. Terrible

    (I could be wrong, if so please tell me.)
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