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Thread: Single Netwok Firewall 7.2 Installation Problem

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    Question Single Netwok Firewall 7.2 Installation Problem

    It is either i buy a hardware router for $500 or i setup up
    Sinfle Network Firewall 7.2 (SNF) on an old computer for a
    software router.

    SNF is much more flexible and costs me nothing. But i cant
    install it.

    Everytime i boot from the CD or floppy, i get this same error
    over and over.

    Right when the CD boots, you get a screen saying

    Press F1 to choose another installation method.
    Press <Enter> to begin the upgrade or installation.

    I press Enter and then after the screnn detecting my hardware
    i get this error:

    Please Insert The Linux Mandrake CD-ROM.

    But i am installing SNF, why do i need that CD

    Am i supposed to do something differently or is something wrong.
    I have downloaded the manual from Mandrakes Web Site and
    it doesnt mention anything about this and i am following the

    Can some one please help me?

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    hmm if this one (SNF) keeps getting you troubles... hmm save yourself some time and download another one. Good Single floppy linux based firewall distro's:

    - freeSCO
    - BBiAgent

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    it probably needs a package from the cd that you dont have just give it to it and it will just install the package and continue along its merry way

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    I cant even enter the installation part. Right after is searches for hardware then it says
    Loaing Installation Into Memory
    and right then it says,
    Please Insert The Linux Mandrake CD-ROM

    So i cant even start the installation.

    And i would really like to use SNF, it looks great and has so many great features.

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