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    Post New Domain??

    This was taken from CNN.com 's Website .... just thought it was a lil intersting... its a snip from the full article go to http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/interne....ap/index.html to read the full story


    If they build domain, will kids come?
    'No silver-bullet law will make Internet safe for children'

    May 12, 2002 Posted: 8:46 AM EDT (1246 GMT)
    If they build domain, will kids come?
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    NEW YORK (AP) -- To keep youngsters away from porn and other online dangers, some child-safety advocates want to create a children's zone populated only by Web sites deemed safe.

    Sites considered suitable for children under 13 would get Internet addresses ending in ".kids.us," and parents could set computer software to limit youngsters there.

    But as legislation to do just that winds its way through Congress, major questions remain: How do you police this realm, and will anyone choose to populate it?

    Bonus.com, for one, doesn't plan to participate despite the site's focus on kids. Its president, Andras Csaszar, thinks kids and parents are so accustomed to ".com" that any alternative would mean "zero traffic."

    "The attention that Congress and other organizations give to wholesome content is a very positive thing but when legislation institutes things that people will have difficulties using, then it's no practical help," Csaszar said.

    In a recent study on youth and online pornography, the National Research Council said such domains could block children from useful materials such as encyclopedias not written specifically for kids.

    Past efforts at curbing pornography online have all been challenged by civil liberties groups, who say speech that is constitutionally protected could be inadvertently blocked. A three-judge federal panel in Philadelphia is currently reviewing a law requiring public libraries to use pornography-blocking software or lose federal technology grants.

    To reduce free-speech objections, participation in the proposed kids zone would be voluntary -- unlike a Senate bill that would create just the opposite: a mandatory "red-light" domain such as ".prn" for porn sites.

    "There hasn't been one silver-bullet law that's going to make the Internet safe for children overnight," said Donna Rice Hughes, an author and leading advocate of anti-porn laws. "Each attempt is going to get better and more refined."

    Supporters compare the zone to a children's section in the library.

    "Rather than handing to every child the list of (appropriate) books and their Dewey decimal numbers, the most useful thing is to simply put all those books in the kids section," said Colin Crowell, an aide to bill co-sponsor Rep. Edward Markey, Democrat-Massachusetts.

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    I had actually, a while back, thought of something along those lines. I'm not all about internet censorship, because I think it's impossible...However...I do think there are some things they can do to improve safety for children who use the internet, as well as keep them from viewing certain things without getting rid of anything at all.

    I thought that instead of the whole .com and .net idea....that sites might be rated according to access restrictions....

    Porn should have something to the effect of .sex so all the domains would be blocked....or maybe just all adult sites, including ones not related to sex just be .mat (mature)
    It would be a hell of a lot easier for parental control filters to sort them out....I don't think it's an issue of 'redlighting' the content....If it's porn...it's porn.

    However, this is an article that pertains to the U.S., it would take cooperation from every country's government to impose such a thing. So for now, it's a great idea, but I just don't think it's going to happen. If the world can't even agree on peace, they sure as hell aren't going to agree on internet safety for children.

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    i think it would be easier to put a .kid on kids sites then putting .sex on every porn site. That would be impossible to trace.

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    I actually like this idea. All of the other suggestions for TLD's, really blow the big one. I can only speak for myself, but I sure as hell wouldn't want a domain name ending with '.names'. or '.biz' or '.pro' or whatever.

    Having someone, go through website submissions, will generate jobs I reckon. But with jobs, also comes a price. Who would pay the people to sift through the submissions, to "regulate" who gets the TLD '.kids'. They would have to do it manually, I can't see scripts, intelligently granting someone permission to buy a domain with .kids.

    The cost it would to "rent" the name would go up, so that it could help pay off the people who are sifting through the submissions. Who would want to buy a more expensive domain with a special TLD?

    I hear they charge $300, just to get a .pro TLD. Something like that would have to come into play with .kids.

    But I think it would be a whole lot easier, and more accurate, to have a filter tool, filter out the TLD's, instead of actual content.
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    I agree that .kid would be a much more viable solution. As Sick Dwarf said, it would be easier than having to worry about all the porn stuff you'd have to find and change to a .se etc. Those sites that truly are for kids should have no problem coming forward and volunteering to add a .kid to their domain.
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    *is waiting for barney.com to lose their domain so he can ru na porn site on it* haha
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    lmfao..... I've been waiting for pokemon.com to go out to run a Japanese Porn Site... lmfao

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