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Thread: File Transfer

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    File Transfer

    Can anyone help, what program should i use in order to transfer files and programs over the internet to my home computer. And if there is a program that can do this, do i need to install it at my home computer too. Please help thanks

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    It depends on where are these files located... You could use some P2P program like kazaa, audiogalaxy or DC - this propgrams allows you to connect to other computer running the same program and download files. Other way is to use FTP client - with FTP client you could comfortably download upload files from FTP servers . I'm using the one that is included in wincommander and I'm satisfied with it. I hope this helps a little...


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    I'd sit comfortably with the Ftp Idea. Try setting up a ftp server on the home computer and simply use a client to trnasfer files through. You can send files through email, make websites, and use p2p programs such as Morpheus or Kazaa. I personally recommend ftp. It is a better known protocol and used widely by many people.

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    Kazaa, bad, baaaad!
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    Well, true I should have said that to use Kazaa Lite.

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    heh not that i like using the word but sub7 >_<;
    yes I know lame kiddiot tool but does allow for remote access to another computer - u can transfer files or set up an ftp server - and its free


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    Sub7 works great forlegit ras if u uninstall it when finished or change the port it uses to many scanners out ther to find it

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    Hey look, an actual decent use for sub7. Theres a concept. Only good if set up properly though, so other people don't get access to your sub7 server.

    What kind of connection do you have at home? If it is dial-up, then you probably don't want to use any of these. It would be best to burn the info to a cd, then carry it home. If you have a cable/dsl, then go with an ftp server of some type on your home computer. But it also depends on what os you are running. 9x, NT, 2k, or XP. I assume it is some Microsoft product. If you can name the OS, people may be able to give you recomendations of the exact server you should be using..... (Like don't use IIS 5.0, or any MS internet information server for that matter).
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