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Thread: Getting Started wth UNIX

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    Getting Started wth UNIX

    A little totorial for those that are getting started with UNIX:

    3 things a DOS user will notice right off the bat:

    You must log in
    All the commands are different - AND case senstive (lowercase)
    It's a multiuser system, so you have more commands than DOS

    To log in, you type in your Username and password given to you by your sysadmin. Once you are logged in you will see a command prompt. On my UNIX box it looks like this: > Here are some simple commands and what they do:

    logout - logs you out
    cp - copies a file
    mv - moves a file
    rm - deletes a file
    pwd - shows your location
    cd - change directory
    mkdir - makes a directory
    rmdir - deletes a directory
    cat - displays the contents of a file
    more - keeps files from running off the screen
    man - displays help on any command (the man pages)

    Well, that's enough for now I'll write more later

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    thanks man... I'm going to bookmark this although I have experience in this field. This is also good for the newbies and people who have not yet felt the power of Unix!

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    u forgot a few important ones.......

    ls : shows files in a directory
    find <dirrectory> -name <filename> : searches for files
    passwd : change your password
    su - : super user mode (gives you root if u know the password)
    sudo <command> : allowes you to run root commands without being root if the correct premissions are givin in the /etc/sudoers file
    rpm -Uvh <filename> : installs or upgrades an rpm package
    tar xvfz : extracts a tar.gz package
    gzip -d <filename> : decompresses a .zip file

    all the extra ones i can think of now for newbies... for now

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    Hmm... thanks for those one's as well. I'm making a complete book of commands. Figure I'll help some more newbies!

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