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    Lightbulb Windows 2000 nt startup

    I aquirred a new but used computer. Well actually my father did through work (Cisco) The only problem is that it has password protection at startup. I tried all the obvious ways to bypass it, but failed. W/o bringing it back to get it fixed or tinkering with its insides, is there a way to bypass the startup password screen or find it out maybe through dos. Any help would be appriciated. THX

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    I'm new here myself, but I'm pretty sure no one is really going to tell you how to bypass the password. No offense but passwords are there for a reason. If you want to use the computer and it was used first the best thing to do would be to format the harddrive and reinstall windows (or Linux ). Is there any particular reason why you need to log onto the computer? Did you try contacting the previous owner?

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    There are ways... search the (AO's) message board, it's been said before...

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    On boot up hit F8 which should take you into safe mode there you should be able to change settings. Muwahahaha I'm so evil it's nice.. It will only work if the person which has Admin rights turned that option on and I believe on Default it will let you. It's worth a shot hope it works later.

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    Or you might have to reset the cmos -discussed in other posts on this board.
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    Seems to me he's talking about the bios pwd on boot. If so, the f8 and other ain't gonna work, he'll need a screwdriver to start with, ...and if the OS is pwded also, and the admin set, and maybe where it came from the files were encrypted.... hahahahahahaha, back to the screwdriver and (oops, sorry...).....

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    Hmm, I have a little Linux boot disk here that allows you to reset all account passwords.... PM me abd well talk

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