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Thread: secure and private email

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    secure and private email

    I am trying to figure out the best and simplest way to use secure email with clients at my office. We are on exchange 5.5 here and the client is mailing from a relatively secure address.

    I know that pgp is the major encryption and that I can have the client sign up for a certificate, but I get bogged down in all different information out there. I haven't a straightforward explanation yet....

    Here's the bottom line. I need to be able to receive email from clients that is both secure and private. I need to be able to authenticate the email and its contents. Can anyone help out with some suggestions of products and/or steps to get this rolling?

    It is for a business, but primarly it is to be able to authenticate [gloworange]incoming [/gloworange] emails.

    Muchas Gracias!


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    I will ask my MCSE teacher about it, and see what he tells me today. Stay tuned....

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    The answer to your question would be the AnitOnline.org Email service....... I would not trust any other service with my mail.......


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    Anonymous & Encrypted E-mail
    From Hideaway.net

    Hideaway.Net offers free anonymous and encrypted e-mail, powered by ZipLip . This service lets you scramble your messages with the powerful Blowfish cryptography algorithm. You can also set messages to delete themselves 24 hrs after being opened. Check it out!

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    It looks like you want to keep the 'system' in house. But, there is a secure webmail service called Hushmail - www.hushmail.com.

    With PGP, each client would have to have their own key's, and everyone else would need their public key's. There are also, PGP plug-ins to work with Eudora, and Outlook. Depending upon how many people or clients, you are talking about, determines how easy it would be to use this solution. I haven't heard of the certificates, that you spoke of, perhaps working with those would be easier.

    I haven't really seen much, on this subject other than straight forward PGP encryption of emails.

    Please post, the final solution. I am interested in this.
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    Try this link to configure certificate and encryption on Exchange... I'll look for authentication


    Have a nice day

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    plan a

    Thanks all- for the suggestions. As someone surmised, we don't want to use third party email addresses (although I have no doubt that antionline's solution is excellent), the solution needs to be workable with the client's current email address, so...

    we are going to go with the Verisign digital ID's for the moment and see how that works. Currently, we only have one client we need to implement this for and they will only be emailing to one internal address, so I think it is the best place to start.

    Thanks again for the advice,


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