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    Or you can shell out $250 for a cable descrambler box.
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    Originally posted here by alittlebitnumb
    {PP}Apocalypse, do you have a link to that? I cannot find it.
    It's in the CNN and all the major networks archives. I'm just to lazy to look for them. Mediaone (aka ATT), RR, and a few more of the biggies. Got caught spying on their suscribers. Search on Google, it should bring up something. All the privacy groups were raising hell.
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    Thanks, {PP}Apocalypse, I'll read up on it.

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    the way its done on an anolog transmission it with a choke that clips the tops and bottoms off the waves. its the carrier that causes the distortion. if you could write a program that could do this to digital signals, you would find you've become very popular, very fast.
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    Re: Cable TV Question

    Originally posted here by yonif
    I have a TV Tuner in my computer, ATI TV Wonder VE and I was wondering if there is any software or any way for me to get the "other" channels which are fuzzy and scrambled? I mean the premium channels which are fuzzy and messed up. I am on the Mediaone Cable service in the New England Area.

    I am new at this kind of stuff.

    Thanks Again

    The simplest way that I know of is to simply call them up and ask them for the amount that they normally charge for such services. Then, using that number, open up those nice little pieces of paper that your bank gives you (you know, the ones with all the numbers and funny sumbols across the bottom of them?) and put the number in the "amount" box on that piece of paper. Fill in "MediaOne Cable" on the "Pay to the Order of" line and sign it... chances are, if then send them that piece of paper with this same question, you might have those channels that you so avidly desire...
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    hey yonif,

    What you ask actualy requires a hardware modification to the TV card. Just remove it from your machine and post it to me.. And I will return it to you when your hair starts to grey..

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    LMAO. It's been so long since I've been to AO, I forgot what it's like to have a sense of humor.

    Actually...to answer your question..( I was wondering if there is any software or any way for me to get the "other" channels which are fuzzy and scrambled? )

    NO, I don't believe there is. There has been a lot of discussion on this and so far..nothing.

    If you're interested in learning a little about dumping the video you capture with your ATI AIW card, you can look here

    If you really want to steal TV, try DirecTV or another smart card based service. It's simple...First, learn to count to 16....download and memorize the opcodes for the TMS370 (It's only about 800 pages). Read all you can on Speculative Precomputation.

    When you're done with that, PM me and we'll go from there.

    Or.......buy a cable box on eBay for 50 bucks.

    God, it's good to be back to AO. LOL

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