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Thread: Check this out: doteasy.com

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    Check this out: doteasy.com

    I happened across http://www.doteasy.com just now, and fount the site pretty interesting.

    Here is what they offer:

    No Setup Fee
    No Monthly Fee
    Domain Name Hosting (www.yourname.com*)
    20MB of Free Web Storage
    Unlimited FTP Access
    1GB Monthly Traffic
    10 Email Accounts
    Unlimited Email Alias
    Email Forwarding
    Email Autoresponder
    You can get all these services free for life after paying a $25 (US) domain registration fee.
    Their homepage loaded fast, and they seem pretty good, but something about it isn't rubbing me right. I didn't get a chance to read the FAQs or TOS, but I am curious what everyone thinks.
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    It does seem fishy, how can they offer something for life?

    Like how do we know they'll be in business after 5 years for a price like that?
    (Unless they have advertisements and a montly no ad fee)

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    Yeah, but I'm guessing that they will legally own the domain under this setup, which could lead to a nasty situation down the road.
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    That makes sense too...
    They could sell the domain to a higher bidder or settle quickly in a legal suit without the owner's consent

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    and no mention of any sort of php mySQL
    when it is up www.demented.org offer much the same package for free!
    but the addy is users.demented.org/~urname
    no banner adds or pop-ups
    and for like $14 (US) u can upgrade and get mySQL etc


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    I can also host people's domains and all that jazz and give MYSQL and PHP. For more info, pm me.

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