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    Here's an experiment. Partition the drive and install
    windows on an 8 gig (or smaller) partition.
    If the problem goes away, you'll know that it
    is a size issue and not a hardware problem.

    You said that you're only running this drive
    and a cdrom, so I presume that you have
    each on its own cable, so it's not a cable

    I found some more info:

    All of the major hard drive manufacturers provide utility software that can accomplish the necessary LBA translations for very large hard drives. However, not all of these software solutions work with the Windows protected mode driver (ESDI_506.pdr). In some cases, the software drivers work only in real mode. This will reduce the speed of data transfer to and from the hard drive.

    See the article here.

    It sounds as though the "compatibility driver" mentioned in your
    error message is the "real mode driver" spoken of in this
    article. That would explain why it doesn't see the long file names.

    Your drive is too big.
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    The long file names thing was only when I got the CD-Rom working with the DOS drivers.
    I have also apllied the fix from MS that is supposed to help with large drives, but it didn't help.
    I was originally using the data lifeguard tools, however I removed them while trying to fix it. The problem WAS occuring while I was using the tools, however I'll try installing them again to see if it helps.
    My BIOS reads the drive as around 30gigs I think, so I think it's at the 32GB limit mentioned in the article.
    Also, how come it stops detecting my CD-Rom if only the hard drive has problems?
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    If all else fails, try one of two things:
    1. Upgrade your OS. Since WinXP won't work on your computer, you choice is WinME. I know WinME is crap, but if it solves your problem....
    2. If even that doesn't work, get your motherboard checked, it might have gone bad.

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    XP will work, used it on a pII300(128Mb)
    but is slohohohohow

    so just try to d/l the latest bios update from your MB manufacturer..
    I flashed my bios just to get my parport working in linux,
    it accidentaly fixed an ASPI problem 2...
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    "Just a thought, but have you checked the rating of your power supply? "
    I agree with darkes.. check your power supply. Lots of problems that happen slowly over time can be attributed to a dying PS. Don't worry about the file names with the DOS drivers returning to 8.3 naming rules this is expected. DOS drivers will usually not be able to recognize newer CD's. So like you said that's not an option. Keep us posted.
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    I also agree with the Power supply problem. As far as the size is concerned, win 98 is made to allow larger drives. I have a western digital 40 gig and it works fine with 98. Just make sure you use the datalifeguard bios setup utility and it shouldn't be a problem. Aslo make sure you check all your slave master, etc.. jumpers and your irq settings.. good luck

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    Actually, while swapping drives around and such in an attempt to fix the problem a few months ago, the machine stopped booting completely (didn't even POST). When we sent it in, the tech guys said it was some bad ram and replaced it, and the computer started working fine again. According to them, everything else was fine. I'll try reinstalling the lifeguard tools, hopefully they won't do anythong to LILO.
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