Has AntiOnline Ever Been Hacked?
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Thread: Has AntiOnline Ever Been Hacked?

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    Has AntiOnline Ever Been Hacked?

    I was noticing the intrusion detection link in the bottom left of the main page. Most of the stuff looked like script kiddie stuff, but I'm sure there have been some real attempts as well. I haven't been around here very long, and I haven't noticed anything since I've been here, but I was wondering if any of you senior members knew whether AntiOnline ever actually been hacked. And before I get any flames - don't worry, I don't have any plans on trying it out for myself.

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    Yes it's been hacked.
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    Oh, my. My memory again. I think I recall reading something about it somewhere here just a couple of days ago. On the AntiOnline home page there is a section "About AntiOnline." I believe it was in "AO in the News." I don't have time to go back and look, but perhaps someone can find it and provide more details.

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    back when alldas.de was running, it showed you the hacked site
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    or find more details of hacks at http://www.spikeman.net/anticode/

    tho I don't think its a great topic to be discussing >_<;


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    JP's statement about the defacement was well thought out and very well put +greens to JP!
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    You asked a fair question..a site that deals within the topics presented only lends itself to the challange. Being new here I'm still learning the protocal (sp)..**Being silent and thought a fool is better than opening your mouth and removing all doubt**

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    Hacking web sites is easy.... Making web sites unhackable is hard...... Thats why I do Security now. Security is more fun then hacking....


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    HEY....that's MY quote...heh....well, actually it's Abraham Lincoln...grrrrrr...heheh

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