just found this and downloaded but haven't it tried yet .. 1.4 meg

AIDA32 is a system information and benchmarking program running on Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen or dump it to file.


XML-format report
MIF-format report
new CSV report structure
advanced report engine
database support by ADO
MS Access database support
MS SQL Server database support
MySQL database support
Oracle database support
statistics of reports from database
extended statistics
customizable system summary
extended system summary
extended printer info
extended Direct3D device info
network audit list
report printing
AGP information
full Pentium 4 support
support for 486 & 5x86 CPUs
SMBus support
SPD memory modules list
2D video benchmark
anti-virus softwares list
virus database information
installed fonts list
DirectShow filters list
automated report sending in e-mail
remote file browsing
remote screen shot
automaticially generated statistics
customizations of (M)HTML report look
audit using AIDA/DOS reports
customizable statistics
extended statistics
navigation buttons
physical info for SCSI hard disks
video adapter manufacturer info
remote system information
event logs list
Internet settings
Windows storage devices info
CPU manufacturer info
motherboard manufacturer info
chipset manufacturer info
monitor manufacturer info
CD/DVD device manufacturer info
disk drive manufacturer info
SCSI/RAID adapter manufacturer info
memory benchmark
improved network audit statistics
more command-line options
silent mode: hide tray icon & bubble
identification of default printer
Windows updates list
CSV-format report
network audit statistics
multi-thread improvements