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Thread: network security incidents

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    Question network security incidents

    hi everybody,

    i'm doing research for network security incidents in the last 6 months.
    i have to find two examples and not just vulnerabilities, actual attacks or attempted attacks...
    i've looked in google and found heaps of information about worms,viruses and new exploits..
    the most news were stuff like that:
    CERT® Advisory CA-2002-12 Format String Vulnerability in ISC DHCPD

    but i need more information about attacks and affected companies(resulting effect of the incident on the network and the company owning the network)
    any information or links would be nice
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    Why does this post have + feedback? <confused> Beats me</confused>. Anyway - if you want actual hard data, you may want to use keywords like "empirical damage crack hack DOS worm" on google.com - you may also want, if this is something that has to be done *right now* (e.g. late school report), to take a look at the deceptive duo and ... you know what? Screw this - go to honeynet.org or ... dshield.org (?). They have all sorts of nice breakdowns of attacks.

    Go there, and report your findings back here. Should be an interesting read; the FBI is *finally* starting to get interested in cybercrime ... it used to be around $400K actual damages before they'd get involved, but now I think it's significantly less.

    Of course, if this is some weirdo business- or PHB-type, go tell them to do their own damn research and to stop trying to use data like this to infringe upon privacy, as this is what it'll be used for. <sigh>


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    honeynet.org has some very interesting stuff you get to see script liddies in action
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    Try incidents.org - yet another SANS/GIAC place.
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