I know absolutely nothing of Samba. What I do know is that I have three boxes at home and I run windows on two of them so I installed samba on my debian box acting as a router for my home network.
I thought that I'd fiddle around with it some time when I have time and see If I could get it to work.

Yesterday it just so happened that I did a netstat -aN on the debian box and I had a bunch of lines with IP's I didn't recognize. None of them were internal IP's and they were all marked as closed. Judging by the port numbers which I convienintly have forgotten they weren't to my webserver also running on the box so I thought I'd remove samba which I did and all the IP's dissapeard.

Did samba open my box up in some way or is there another reason why there seemed to have been several external computers connected to my box?

Any help appreciated,