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    Im just curious about the access w/ samba...
    I use a linux to route my network (as well as for the ipchains firewall rules)
    I have two NIC's in the box,

    eth0 -- connected to my cable modem w/ a public IP address
    eth1 -- connected to my LAN w/ a private IP address

    I have samba running, but if i scan my eth0 i don't see the netbios ports open, but obviosuly if i scan eth1 they're open there. How could someone outside the LAN somehow 'break in' to my file sharing if the port is open on an internal interface?

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    soulx> They can't. At least not through Samba. They cannot see eth1, unless they get past your firewall. If the get past that, then they could access it from, or from an internal machine, but if they get past your firewall, its likely that is the least of your problems. Just make sure you don't put samba on eth0.
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