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Thread: detecting IP address behind proxy

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    detecting IP address behind proxy

    hiya !!!
    can anybody tell me , how can yahoo chat detect the IP and the computer name behind a proxy???

    if i have a firewall install ,still it can detect the ip and the computer name

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    hmmmmm a firewall and a proxy are 2 completely different things...
    are you behind a proxy & a firewall or have you mistaken a proxy for a firewall?

    a proxy acts like a messanger between you and the ip u wish to connect to
    you -your request-> proxy server - your request -> yahoo chat
    yahoo chat -their reply -> proxy server -their reply-> you

    so the only ip they will get is the proxy servers ip

    but if you have a firewall installed yahoo still connects to you but the firewall blocks traffic on certain ports so unauthorised progs cannot connect to the net nor can pep connect to you through open ports (ie: if you had sub7 on your computer the kiddiot still couldn't connect to it as its port (1243 or 27374 I think is the new one) would be blocked by the firewall

    hope that helps oh and just a minor thing perhaps next time this question would be better posted in newbie questions - it will get alot better response than in the web-development forum


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    lol at that post Web Development, I guess he sure is a newbie
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