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Thread: which is good network security scan?

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    which is good network security scan?

    Any one know what kind of good network security scan????

    I like Retina and Iris ( network monitor ) I like to hear from you guys. I like to look different program.

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    What like vulnerability scanner? SAINT works well. If you are looking for scan detection and maybe some counter-measures then check out this link.

    Port Sentry is ver y good.
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    If you are rich, try :

    the best I stumbled upon so far...
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    Ya know, I have been plauged with the curse of being born a poor white boy. Heh.
    Anyways, being a non-professional, I find it hard to find Network Admin tools. Scanners, ect...
    I am in desperate need of some clean legit and most of all FREE administration software. Anyone knows anything let me know.
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    Want to buy me a copy scorp666?

    What OS are you talking about? It makes a BIG difference.
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    380 is a good source for Windows stuff. They have a comprehensive freeware and shareware section for web administration and develloppement...
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    Nessus is a great vulnerability scanner. I like it a lot because it scans for such a large number of vulnerabilities. I've heard lots of complaints about the number of log entries it creates in the scanned system, but I personally see that as a bonus. That means that it has less use when scanning someone else's box because unless they're clueless, or unless you're able to get in before they notice, they're bound to see the log entries. It makes it a lot less useful tool for someone trying to sneak in a system quietly.

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    Try nmap, works great for *nix or Win* .

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    nmap is not a vulnerability scanner....try nessus

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    Yes, nessus is pretty decent... and you can add your own things to it.
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