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Thread: IceChat vs VIRC

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    Question IceChat vs VIRC

    Ok since the JAVA IRC client seems to be malfunctionning, I am installing a IRC client...

    I have to decide between :

    IceChat IRC 3.11


    Visual IRC 2.0

    Anyone tried both? Which would you recommend and why?

    Please do not suggest other clients to me, I figured I either want one of those 2...

    Of course if you want to tell other people what you think is the best ever IRC client, I won't read

    Thanks in advance AntiOnliners
    [shadow]Scorp666, the Infamous Orgasmatron[/shadow]

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    I wouldn't suggest IceChat... it gets on my nerves really bad. It's convenient, just the interface irritates me.

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    I'd suggest IceChat....

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