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Thread: Copy-Inhibited CDs

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    Post Copy-Inhibited CDs

    Not sure if this has all ready been posted. Did a quick search and didnít find anything so if it has just drop me a pm.

    the new Celine Dion CD A New Day Has Come with copy protection mechanisms to prevent the CD from being played on a PC not only won't play on an iMac, but it will lock the CD tray (so it can't be removed) and fubar the firmware (so the machine can't be rebooted), effectivley killing the iMac. Ouch.
    Here is the link

    See what happens when you combine two pieces of crap.
    I though that all cd roms had a little pin hole you could use to open the tray if the button was f**ked. Is this not on the I-mac?
    I would also like to apologize on behalf of Canada for Celine Dion.

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    I can't read the article (the link ain't working for me) but I'd be thinking that this could leave Celine Dion's record company open to be sued from here to eternity. There is nothing illegal with playing music cd's on computers so the they have no right to do that (at least I've never heard of any law against it).

    Also wouldn't the program that locks the cd drive and does that other stuff be considered a virus? (and ain't knowingly distributing a virus a slight bit against the law?)

    Personally I'd take that article with a pinch (or even a mountain) of salt cause it'd leave the company open to too much potential retaliation (and not just by lawers... ).
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    Oh man... If had an Imac and popped that cd in it witoout reading about it, I would be pissed and take their ass's strait to court. Thefact that it would destroy the firmware makes it a malicious code, and a virus by law. The is no law saying that you can't play a cd in a computer. What about an MP3 cd player in a car. Would it screw that up too if it senses the ability to play mp3's? If this is true I suggest that anyone with an iMAC to go out and get this cd and try it out. If it screws it up, new computer for you. just my opinion.

    /me thinks.. for once I would actually like to own an iMAC.. naw... nevermind....

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    Thereís no program. I think that the first track is just full of junk data that prevents computers form playing the music. Cd players don't read the first track of the cd so they arenít affected. I guess the I-mac cd-rom gets confused and locks up.

    The link works for me but that might just be cacheing so try this one
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    01. Turn Computer OFF
    02. Insert straightened paper-clip into CD-Rom eject hole
    03. When tray is opened take out CD.
    04. Reboot Computer

    I doubt it really Fubar's your computer permanently. THAT would definitely be grounds for a lawsuit. But for those who are computer illiterate, they would probably end up taking it to their PC Manufacturer. Which would then cost them, money for doing a perfectly legal thing: Listening to their CD's on a computer.

    And as for Celine Dion; who the hell would pirate her music?
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