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Thread: Logo Designers

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    heh hellbringer87 ur post count matches ur sig
    no naked people...well what about naked animals and HOT HOT HOT?
    I'd check out a video store like that!
    what are most animals dressed?????
    hmmmm /me wonders about HB that he wants to see naked animals gettin hot hot hot :P


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    Originally posted here by MediEvil
    its for a videoshop
    (No Naked People) =>
    Umm...yeah...okay...even more ambiguous...
    What do you want? Color scheme? Text?

    I can't make a logo without some information besides the fact its for a website and it needs to be cool. *LOL*

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    I did those 2 mins with fireworks, any use at all ?
    Sketch them down or blow em up or add then into a side banner or top banner to make a bigger layout logo....

    to knackered to do anything flash

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