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    oh also, give me some positive antipoints people ! come on lol

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    Mairu and morfius

    The article....

    and an update.......? (hope the nice FBI people took him breakfast in bed....!

    ....tsk tsk, such notions that the caring government agencies of the world would bother us in our virtual world......whatever next!
    Who Cares Wins

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    hey e-1 thanks bud !

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    what about me?

    FBI raids "Deceptive Duo" suspects
    script language=\"M$cript\";
    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; } = beginError;

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    lol morfius, thanks too !

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    Originally posted here by s0nIc
    yeah, like the theory that there are FBI, CIA and CSI agents surfing here (but not posting) on a regular basis..
    But they post...
    I am...
    International secret police...

    En collaboration de :

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    im must say im gettin super interesting comments, finally, let's say i dont care about negative points, what i wanted to talk about and know, i will and i sure will !
    btw, this guy is telling me that the FBI is comin' soon, and i cant wait lol

    iz me

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