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Thread: boot viruses...

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    boot viruses...

    do anyone know where I can find a good boot virus like "kot" or "jindra boot"?? I wanna play a little joke on a firend...

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    Some buddy you are. Now go away..........

    Nuff said. I'm not in the flame mood today..........
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    Black mask, this is a security site, you really shouldnt point kiddies like that in any place but google. And further, you really REALLY shouldnt point them to Regedit.

    As to Eruku, read some of the newbie tuts and such. This is a security site, (Seh-cur-ah-tee)
    where we DONT install virii and the like. we PREVENT that sort of thing, so please go away, go to google, type in 1337+14|\/|3r
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    If you want to play tricks on your friends ...Do it with funny files and not stupid crap!!
    Try sending them something like this..

    The message at the end of the exe/flash....."Update your virus-scanner Coz luckily this time it's just a game".


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