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Thread: Spinning Terror

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    Spinning Terror

    Seems the Democrats are flaming the Republicans over a comemorative set of photos of President Bush given to those who donated $150 or more.

    One photo is of Pres. Bush on Air Force One on September 11th. Democrats claim that the Republicans are using the tragedy to raise money.

    This follows a debate about the anti-drug ads used by the Whitehouse claiming that drug money supports terror.

    My question is, since when is this a problem? Partisan politics aside, both parties have used such campaigns to their advantages.

    Politics is politics. Business is business.

    For months after the attacks, both parties used the ploy "Spend your money, invest in stocks - or the terrorists win". Now all of a sudden, it's immoral to use the attacks to get people to spend money? I fail to see the problem here. Other than its not one of their numbers who is doing it... I'm sure if it were a Democratic Pres. The Dems would be silent and the GOP would be incensed.

    I guess the "sense of unity" is gone, now back to petty politics. How sad. I HATE politicians...

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    FACT: The best Hash in the world comes from Afghanistan.
    FACT: The best Heroin in the world comes from Afghanistan.
    FACT: The best Opium in the world comes from Afghanistan.
    FACT: Afghanistan was Ruled by a regiem called The Taliban.
    FACT: The Taliban housed and supported the Al-Quida Network who was started by Osama bin Laden.
    FACT: Osama bin Laden was directly responsible for the terror attacks on 9-11.

    FACT: The Taliban and Al-Quida made money when you bought drugs from them.
    In turn drug money being used to fund terror.
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

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