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Thread: Don't leave your cell phones unattended

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    Hi guys,

    I just want to point your attention to this problem. It's about cloning GSM cards. Cloned cards could be used by an attacker to make calls and route charges to the cloning victim's account etc etc... I know - cloning GSM cards is nothing new, what is new is method in doing this - IBM found a method how to clone this card in about 1 - 2 minutes. I'm not saying it's something really dangerous (because not much people have knowladge and equipment to do this) but I think that you should know about it. More could be found here or here.

    thanx for your time...


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    Yeah like you said cloning GSM cards is nothing new and neither is the time limit...when Sprint went digital along with many other there was a group that said they could pull the code in 1-2 minutes...

    When the CEO of Sprint said that it couldn't be done they stole his phone and did it....:-)
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