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Thread: Having fun with fingerprint readers.

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    Fun with Fingerprint Readers

    Tsutomu Matsumoto, a Japanese cryptographer, recently decided to look at biometric fingerprint devices. These are security systems that attempt to identify people based on their fingerprint. For years the companies selling these devices have claimed that they are very secure, and that it is almost impossible to fool them into accepting a fake finger as genuine. Matsumoto, along with his students at the Yokohama National University, showed that they can be reliably fooled with a little ingenuity and $10 worth of household supplies.

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    Mhmmmm, Gummy fingers.....
    Hehe, This whole system of access is now scrapped... I wonder how they will get past this one

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    hah, thats funny.... amazing how easy it would be to break into some "high security" facility with something like that eh??

    oh well, i guess there is no such thing as "absolute security" im sure u can fake the retna scans with certain contacts as well.

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