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Thread: Article: Hackers Turn on Open Source

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    Article: Hackers Turn on Open Source

    There has been a big increase in Linux box defacements. The hacker underground appears to be moving away from targeting Microsoft, as May turns out to be a hot month for attacks on open source security. Read it here.
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    I'm actually surprised that this hasn't happened sooner than now - Linux is obviously more secure than Windows, but the simple fact that Linux material is open source would only naturally open up exploitation possibilities. Fact is though, even if there is an increase in Linux box hacking, I'd wager a bet and say that any Linux user will keep his Linux box over a Windows box anyday, even if Linux exploitation is on the rise.

    Just my thoughts...
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    Of course you can exploit things in Linux because they are open source as Mavrick stated.... But that also means YOU yourself know how to protect it and can try to patch it yourself instead of waiting for those damn Microsoft Patch Updates while your being attacked every day.....

    Linux Boxes can be EXTREMELY secure if you know how to secure them..... dont leave open services that you dont use, try to setup firewalls when you need them, and CONSTANTLY UPDATE YOUR PACKAGES!!!!!!!

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