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    Talking New Irish political party

    We of the surrealist republican party on behalf of the
    free people of the whole of Ireland demand the
    unconditional surrender of Her Majesty's government
    and the incorporation of the United Kingdom into the
    Greater Irish Republic.

    Failure to comply with this demand will result in the
    following punitive measures:

    1. We will continue to make you look stupid by winning
    all the Nobel Prizes for Literature ahead of your
    hopefuls while using your own daft language.

    2. We will continue to allow Westlife to release
    records and ensure through a craftily organised buying
    campaign they are at number one for at least four
    months a year. Remember - we have The Corrs in

    3. We will collectively continue to support Manchester
    United(stewards enquiry on this one!!!) and provide them
    with players of the calibre of Roy Keane & Denis Irwin .
    With our famous luck allied to that talent,
    it will be a chilly day in hell before
    anyone else gets a look in - though we may let
    Liverpool and Arsenal win once or twice, for old
    times' sake.

    4. We will continue to send good looking lads and
    lasses to the UK to marry your sons and daughters.
    Since anyone with an Irish grandparent is an Irish
    citizen, by our calculations the UK will be an Irish
    colony within two more generations at current rates.
    This is what we call 'the long plan'.

    5. We will continue to be more charming than you lot,
    ensuring that everyone in the world loves us and
    despises you.

    6. We will keep coming to London and taking all the
    good jobs.

    7. On those rare occasions when your rugby team are
    going for the Grand Slam we will pull off a "surprise"

    8. And if all else fails, we'll send in Big Tom to do
    a UK-wide tour, packaged with Red Hurley, Margo &
    Daniel O'Donnell.

    Truly a weapon of mass destruction.
    live life, don\'t just endure it

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    Pity they have no candidates in tomorrows election cause they would have run away with it for sure
    If you don\'t learn the rules nobody can accuse of cheating.

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    Definetely. They'd have my vote anyway (if I had vote, which I don't cause I forgot to register)
    live life, don\'t just endure it

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    Hmm, cool!
    And if all else fails, we'll send in Big Tom to do
    a UK-wide tour, packaged with Red Hurley, Margo &
    Daniel O'Donnell.
    LOL @ Daniel O'Donnell.

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