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Thread: quick question ! for ntp

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    quick question ! for ntp

    hey guys !

    i was wondering if you guys found it hard to intepret logs that dates back to 1993 with cisco routers.... if not i'm curious to see what ntp programs you guys use and what you think about it . the platform doesn't really matter i got solaris/unix/nt/w9x running
    so thanks in advance !
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    If you are trying to interpret logs, NTP is not what you need....NTP is just use to sync the time on all your devices, which will make it easier to interpret logs, and Cisco routers have NTP functionality built into IOS.

    If you are trying to interpret logs, what you need is a log correlation utility...check out


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    I'm partial to silent runner , it works well and they have a nice site. Definitely check it out. Thanks for the itactics.com link Invictus!

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