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    na dont lock it.
    if u have a trojan it might ask you if u want Sub7.exe to access the internet, all u do is block it, and check what proggies access the internet.


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    yeah.. use the lock only during CODE RED situations..

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    k thanks. is ZoneAlarm (free edition) any good? I am not getting as many alerts with ZoneAlarm (as I did with Norton Personal Firewall), this is making me think its not as good. does ZoneAlarm detect port scans?

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    I know personnally that ZA (paid version) detects port scans. The free version does too.

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    It seems to be making my internet alot faster too!
    could just be blocking all the other crap that ws using up your bandwith


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    Post lockdown

    Originally posted here by gambay
    I know personnally that ZA (paid version) detects port scans. The free version does too.

    The lockdown function on ZA seems, to me at least, to be a PANIC button. If you choose to block all incoming traffic, which is what that button does, you lose your connection...as most ISPs will be blocked from pinging your connection status. Result: You reboot.

    The firewall that I use allows one to block ONLY the intruders (a set criteria, of course), and only them, and the subnet mask that they may use. Be careful of what you use to protect yourself...a trigger finger isn't going to protect you...



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    Use of Zone Alarm lock

    The way I use the lock in Zone Alarm is to put it on when I plan to be away from the computer for several hours but don't wish to shut down. Yes, I do lose my connection. I suppose if I really wanted the Internet connection immediately when I came back, I could reboot. But I have found that all I really need to do is take the lock off, then do something else at my desk for a few minutes. Heck, I often just play a quick game of Free Cell. And in that time my ISP has found me again and I've got my cable connection back. It may vary with the ISP, though, but you might want to try it and see how long it actually does take.

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